Get answers to your questions about the requirements or applicability of the law, or your CC&Rs, bylaws or rules.

Like an HOA lawyer in your pocket, for board members and managers.  The laws that apply to your HOA always at your fingertips, with explanations and other helpful tools. Have you ever just wanted a simple explanation of how your HOA can comply with the law? has an index of topics with key concepts explained. For example, the annual obligations of an HOA are explained in the index topic “annual obligations of an HOA.”  How to properly take a vote without a meeting is explained in the topic “action (voting) without a meeting.”  The equivalent of hours of general attorney advice.*

All HOAs should have board resolutions in place that contain the procedures required by law for certain issues, including open board meetings, reserve studies and reserve funds, records retention and examination, fining procedure and so forth. Get the 6 resolutions every HOA should have, as well as 4 other key templates, all updated as the laws change yearly so your HOA can always be in compliance, as part of your “Prudent-Legal” subscription at  Brought to you in partnership with Kimble Law.

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UtahHOALaws app

Have you ever been in a meeting and needed to know what the law says regarding proxies? Or needed a quick refresher on the procedure for adopting rules in a community association, or the requirements for a reserve analysis, or the new insurance requirements?

The Utah HOA Laws mobile app is a free app that provides board members and managers quick reference to the laws and regulations that apply to their HOA. A much more fully featured version is available as a website from any computer (no download needed) at:

Now the laws are available right in your pocket, no Internet connection required. The statutes are formatted and indented for easy reading, plus search and bookmark functions make it a powerful tool. Certain federal regulations applicable to HOAs are also included in the app, together with summaries and explanations of those requirements.

Utah HOA Laws mobile app
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Or, for a much more fully featured version as a website, visit

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Primer for Board Members

A concise introduction to the fundamental issues that board members face on a regular basis written by HOA specialist attorney Curtis G. Kimble.

Can an HOA Board Draft their Own CC&Rs?

I am routinely asked if I will review amended governing documents (CC&Rs, bylaws, etc.) which the board, their manager or another person has drafted in order to save money over having an HOA attorney draft them. While this method can sometimes save some money . . .

7 Signs Your HOA’s Governing Documents May Be Out of Date

Many communities were established 20 to 40 years ago with governing documents that worked well for the developer, but may or may not work well for the HOA.

Which Laws Apply to My Association?

Condominium projects are bound by the Utah Condominium Ownership Act, which is . . .

Open Meetings, What’s Required?

Both the Utah Condominium Ownership Act and the Utah Community Association Act require board meetings to be open to each . . .

Relieving Board Members’ Burdens through Volunteer Committees

Habitat Magazine (, by Curtis G. Kimble.  Committees are an invaluable tool in condominium associations and cooperative housing corporations, where it can be hard to get enough volunteers sufficiently capable of dedicating the time, attention and skills required to serve on the board.

Association, Know Thyself

To “know thyself” as an association, you must know and understand what type of development you live in and what laws and documents govern and bind your development, your association, and the owners within it.

Collecting Assessments: Remedies and Risks

A homeowners association is entirely funded by the assessments of its members. A member’s delinquency directly affects the other members. Knowing and applying remedies early on and consistently will minimize the unfairness and inconvenience of delinquencies.

Operating Under the Radar But Above Board

A couple of years ago, Jim bought a home within a homeowner association and promptly replaced the windows. Because Jim didn’t read the governing documents of the association, he was not aware that he needed prior approval . . .

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