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Kimble Law offers legal services for HOAs more effectively and efficiently than is possible at other firms where clients may be just a number or dollar sign. At Kimble Law, your legal services are streamlined and affordable. You get services performed directly by an experienced HOA attorney.

Kimble Law provides guidance, counsel, advice and services on all issues an HOA may face, including:

  • CC&Rs, Bylaws, Rules, Resolutions.   Governing document interpretation, review, drafting, updating and amendment, and enforcement, including review and amendment to ensure the documents comply with the law and contain the provisions needed to operate effectively and legally (see 7 Signs Your HOA’s Governing Documents May Be Out of Date).

  • Procedures, Records, Meetings, Governance.   Counsel regarding procedural and governance issues, including meetings and voting, how to use various voting procedures, ballots and proxies, respond to homeowner demands for records, and draft board resolutions.

  • Utah Law.   Legal counsel in interpreting and complying with Utah laws governing homeowners associations.

  • Federal Law – Fair Housing, Discrimination; Satellite Dishes.   Compliance with applicable federal laws, such as the Fair Housing laws (helping avoid discrimination claims), the Telecommunications Act of 1996 regarding satellite dishes, as well as similar state and local statutes and ordinances.

  • Maintenance Issues.   Navigating legal issues surrounding maintenance and repair problems, including determining who is responsible for what, and distinguishing between those projects which require board approval and those which require unit owner approval.

  • Contracts.   Drafting and reviewing contracts.

  • Special Assessments, Reserves.   Assisting the board in levying special assessments and complying with the laws regarding reserves and reserve studies.

  • Litigation.   Pursuing and defending all types of litigation on behalf of associations and the boards that represent them.

  • Loans.   Obtaining loans and reviewing loan documents for financing capital improvements or repairs.

  • Answers.   Answering day-to-day questions regarding legal, operational, technical and regulatory issues.

  • Turnover.   Providing legal counsel for post-transition, homeowner-controlled association on developer issues, including the resolution of warranty, accounting and representation claims, and the establishment of ongoing operational controls.

  • Insurance.   HOA and condominium insurance issues, including Directors & Officers (D&O) coverage and advice on the requirements of Utah law regarding HOA insurance.

  • Delinquencies.   Collection of delinquent assessments.

  • Education and Counsel.   Helping boards understand and fulfill their duties.

“Totally recommend this HOA attorney group… as they are proactive in helping to reduce problems by encouraging others to be informed… of “the law that governs” .. so that effective remedies may be made before the problems are deeply rooted…”

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Interpreting contracts; insurance claims CC&Rs and Bylaws Amendment and Interpretation
Who Maintains What? Responsibilities under the CC&Rs

“Mr. Kimble just revised our Association CC&R’s and Bylaws and the finished product is outstanding. Highly recommend him if your governing documents need revising or updating with all the new Utah laws.”

Colonel N. B. McCrary

Interpreting plats with CC&Rs Condo insurance policy and coverage questions